Dinosaurs Alive

Animatronic Engineering P/L designs and builds robotics for Zoos, Museums, Theme Parks and Attractions. The company's products are water proof and operate indoors and out in rail, hail and shine. Since 2010 AE dinosaurs have been seen all over Australia by more than one million happy fans.

DINOSAURS ALIVE! is AE's dino brand and includes robotic dinosaurs for hire and sale, a life-size skeletons and a range of interactive educational activities. AE is recreating a robotic range of extinct Australian mega fauna for zoos and museums; humanoid Automons for Attractions, plus giant insects and flying reptiles.

The company's products meet or exceed Australian Standards for electrical safety. All animatronics are manufactured with fire retarded foam. The system control cabinets are rated to IP66 for moisture and dust penetration. Rigging and machinery used for installations all comply with Australian Standards.

We enjoy the support of our customers because we provide a high level of service and reliability. We collaborate with our customers to ensure a trouble free installation and opening period.

For more information of hire or sales contact: etc, etc admin@animatronicengineering.tv for more information

See some photos of the dinosaurs here DINO GALLERY

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